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Here at Marloe we enjoy quartz and automatic watches as much as the next person, but we’ve always had a particular fondness for the more unique hand-wound timepieces - wristwatches powered purely by a few turns of the crown.

These watches house manual movements, otherwise known as hand-wound movements, and are truly astonishing mechanisms. Such a movement will power itself for up to 48 hours on a single wind, and for something not much larger than your average coin, that’s quite the feat.

Marloe creates classically-styled yet inherently modern wristwatches powered by such movements. This is what drives our passion, as we believe it brings you closer to your timepiece. After all, there’s no battery here, just you and your wristwatch.

In an increasingly automated world, Marloe embraces heritage and tradition. We choose analogue over digital, mechanical over smart, cogs over data.Join us

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Farhad Karimi
Farhad Karimi

August 18, 2016

Absolutely love hand wound watches and good to know that you are making them in a decent size .
A very elegant dial and glad to know that one does not have to take out a mortgage to own a decent hand wound watch. Well done to you and the team.
Hopefully one day the full production can be bought to the UK.

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