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November 08, 2015

Time is what we all set our lives to, and we alone are accountable to whether or not we've used it to the best we can. Missed a deadline? My fault. Made the plane on time, my doing. Great timing. Connecting with your own time by purposefully winding your time-keeper every morning and making a point of taking control of your time is part of our ethos.

Winding a watch by hand is a concept that's probably unusual to a lot of the watch wearers out there. The advent of Quartz technology has provided convenience where once was mechanical moving parts and a daily winding routine.

Over the decades the automatic watch has become somewhat in vogue, mainly due to the convenience of the automatic system with the pleasure of having a completely mechanical movement.

The hand wound movement however, the mechanism that requires daily input to keep it ticking, fell out of favour and has remained somewhat of a niche interest.

We believe this is a shame. Hand wound movements are the simplest form of the mechanical marvel that powers a time reading device with accuracy and reliability. We celebrate the connection a watch has with its owner by refreshing and invigorating the watch industry with thoughtfully designed contemporary timepieces - with a foot in the traditional, and a focus on simplicity and space, function and form, and a true connection for the owner.

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