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Derwent - Gauge

Inspiration for dial designs can come from many sources, and this one is quite unusual. We happened across an old pressure gauge which had been designed by British thermometer maker Sidney Brannan, and we immediately fell for the beautiful style. We didn't hesitate to use it as inspiration for one of our dials for the Derwent - especially as Sidney's business still operates today from the Lake District.

The inner gauge markings keep track of the hours whilst the more eye catching outer markings detail the minutes as they pass.

The Gauge dial is paired to a polished steel case and hand set. The dial is finished with a pearlescent granular paint to catch the light and bring a shimmering quality. The Gauge also features a naturally tanned, brown calf-skin leather strap with white accents and a Marloe engraved buckle.

A Nod to Tradition

The Derwent is a watch designed with nods to a few traditional timepieces whilst offering a more contemporary touch. A diameter of 38mm harks back to the dress watches of the 50's and 60's, with the hi-dome custom acrylic crystal also lending itself to the classic aesthetic. The dial is more contemporary with a subtle domed form leading outwards to an angled chapter ring, which draws the eye in towards the dial. The simple pitched profile hands afford the maximum readability whilst continuing the traditional yet contemporary feel. A quick peek at the case-back and you'll find a porthole displaying the balance wheel smoothly oscillating back and forth, keeping accurate time whilst offering a quick visual indicator of your Derwent's current power status.