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Lomond Chronoscope - Vintage Vanilla (Pre-Order)

  • Pre-Order - To Be Delivered October/November 2017

    A beautiful vanilla pearlescent dial shimmers in the changing light, from deep warm grey in lower light to a bright radiating off-white in lighter environments. A combination of vintage cream and dark grey accents keep the dial subtle yet still easily readable. Dark grey painted hour blocks stand proud from the lower surface. Polished main and sub-dial hands match up with a dark grey Chronoscope hand to tie everything together.

    The case is again polished with matching crown and pushers, with the deep glossy inky black ceramic bezel with engraved white markings. The Vintage Vanilla is strapped with dark brown leather, contrast white stitching and brass rivets to complete the vintage range.


We wanted to create a timepiece with a foot in both the traditional and the contemporary; with a strikingly unique yet reassuringly familiar design. For the Lomond Chronoscope we kept some elements of our earlier designs whilst developing a timepiece that stands apart, not just within our own range but also within the market it exists. This is a more complex mechanical timepiece, offering both accurate timekeeping and time measurement, therefore the design needs to reflect the need for additional information, whilst remaining true to our core belief of essentials only, clutter free design.


Of all the Lochs in Scotland, few have as much connection in popular culture as Loch Lomond. An hour north-west of Glasgow, Loch Lomond is the gateway to the Highlands - a distinct visual indicator that you're about to enter the most beautiful place on Earth.

Most associated with the song “The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond”, Loch Lomond is also the name of Whisky drank by Captain Haddock in Herge’s Adventures of TinTin. It’s a glorious place full of activity and culture, and also hosts a mob of wallabies on one of the islands within the Loch - one of the few places where wallabies exist outside of Australia.

Named after this Loch, the Lomond Chronoscope expands the growing range of timepieces from MWC, which now includes the original Cherwell and the smaller diameter Derwent.