About the Cherwell

Our First Edition, the Cherwell, is a hand-wound timepiece powered by a mechanical movement. Designed in Britain and inspired by the prestigious university city of Oxford, this watch is named after the River Cherwell, which meanders through this City of Dreaming Spires.

The Cherwell is the embodiment of countless hours spent pouring over every tiny detail down to the micrometer. We’re delighted with the result: a mechanical machine, worn on the wrist, powered by you, to display the passing of time - a feat of such engineering marvel that we think everyone should celebrate it.


When designing the Cherwell we had several prerequisites. The first was to design something bespoke - a true ‘from the ground up’ design.


The second was to present the time clearly and efficiently, but also dynamically - minimalism doesn’t have to be devoid of information.


And finally the Cherwell must be beautiful and comfortable to wear, whilst also feeling great to hold in your hand.


The Devil is in the Detail

Every element of the Cherwell's design has been carefully considered - a robust and accurate manual wind mechanical movement; a slim yet modern sized beautifully designed custom case; a large sub-dial displaying the sweeping seconds ticking by; and the bespoke crown designed to remind the wearer to turn it and keep that heart beating.

Bespoke Case

The Cherwell has a simple, beautiful, and cleverly designed bespoke case - the sides are gently tapered which, when worn on the wrist, give a sleek and elegant look. The weight of the Cherwell is designed to convey a feeling of quality and strength whilst visually appearing refined. The bezel is thin and gently angled to leave the dial feeling open. The lugs are steep and tapered, which along with the angled case sides, places the strap snug to the case to avoid unsightly gaps and comfortably secures the watch to the wrist.