Coniston Collection


A Watch Inspired by Great British Endeavour

Courage is not being fearless

Words spoken whilst pushing the boundaries of physics and speed, Donald Campbell was no stranger to life-endangering challenges of extreme engineering.

Prior to one of Donald's record attempts, a journalist asked “Are you ever afraid, Donald?” to which he replied “Of course I’m afraid every time I get into the Bluebird. Courage is not being fearless. Courage is overcoming and smashing through fear.”

Donald Campbell

Coniston Water

Inspiration behind the name came from Coniston Water in the Lake District, which is famed for the Campbell family's water speed record attempts. At 5 miles in length it was the perfect lake for Sir Malcolm Campbell to set a new record of 141.74 miles per hour in Bluebird K4 in 1939.

In the late 50's Sir Malcolm's son Donald went on to set four successive records on Coniston Waters in Bluebird K7. In 1967 Donald achieved a top speed of over 320 miles per hour on the return leg of a record-breaking attempt - he then lost control of Bluebird, which somersaulted and crashed. Campbell tragically lost his life.

Coniston Water

The Coniston

We started this project with a competition to name our next watch; little did we know it would result in a journey of such intrigue and excitement, through discovery of the Bluebird K7 and Campbell's fateful end, to the challenges of bringing to market a watch that is fresh and unique, yet combines everything we have learned over the past 3 years. We give you, the Coniston.

Coniston Collection