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Inside MWC - Part II - Why We Champion Mechanical Watches

Gordon Fraser

August 20, 20

In a recent interview, we were asked why we champion mechanical watches over smart watches - it was a really interesting question and one we never really tho...

Inside MWC - Part I - A New Series

Gordon Fraser

August 06, 20

So here we are, in the middle of a global pandemic, which is of course very serious business. In the midst of this we've been trying to do the best we can to...

What Do All Those Cogs Do?

Gordon Fraser

July 09, 20

What do all those cogs do? It’s a common question, especially with the Coniston, from customers who are seeing a mechanical movement for the first time. We d...

Moving to Scotland

Gordon Fraser

May 15, 20

Recently we embarked on our own adventure... the reasons for moving 400 miles north were simple; expansion, efficiency and creativity. Not to mention the utt...

Great British Endeavour - The Coniston Bluebird

Oliver Goffe

May 01, 20

Since our inception we have produced no fewer than 30 individual watch designs, but one has captured the imagination of our customers more than any other - t...

Going Mobile

Gordon Fraser

April 24, 20

In 2019, Dr George Busby and his team of medical experts travelled around Africa, on a mission to learn and gather data about Malaria from the most remote pa...

Inspired by the Terra Nova Expedition

Gordon Fraser

April 17, 20

The Haskell range tells the tale of Captain Scott and his men; the story of their battle against all odds to reach the South Pole. The Haskell Polar Blue Edi...

Touching The Void

Gordon Fraser

March 27, 20

Part of what made university so enjoyable for me was the multitude of ways to burn time. Whether that was procrastination, drinking or partying - unfortunate...


Inside MWC - Part V - New Year, Same Challenges
Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a good break over the festive period. It’s taken us a few...
To Soar Into The Sky
To soar into the sky and float aloft in the wind, peering down on the world below, knowing that, if...
INSIDE MWC - PART IV - Weathering the Storm
So, it’s been a little while since the last part in this series, and that’s primarily down to two things...


Casebacks are our hidden calling card and we make a big deal about them. For the Black Edition we have celebrated the people of the Terra Nova Expedition and referenced, with subtlety, the human endeavour of the crew. In the centre of the domed surface is our take on the mission patch logo; a penguin standing atop the earth.

Our penguin is looking outwards now towards 5 stars - each one representing a fallen explorer from the pole party. Around the perimeter are 60 dots, each one representing a crew member of the ship and shore teams.

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There’s something quite lovely about sitting down with a new magazine and being absorbed by what’s in front of you. 

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There’s something quite lovely about sitting down with a new magazine and being absorbed by what’s in front of you.