Refer A Friend

Not a day goes by here at Marloe Watch Company where we don’t think about, discuss or revisit our retired ranges.

From customers requesting the manufacturing of ‘just one more’ Lomond Vintage Coffee or Derwent Sundial, to Gordon re-imagining a crown design for our in-development line, to taking a fond moment to glance down at the watches on our wrists; the watches that have been and gone from our online world remain with us, in spirit if not physically.

There has been a lot of demand for an archive of sorts; a place where Marloe customers can come, whether they have just recently discovered our company or are long-term friends, to explore the predecessors to the ranges we currently sell. With Marloe watches sometimes arising on the secondary market, it’s also helpful for buyers to have a place to come and explore the spec of these pieces, as demand grows and they quickly become collectors’ items.

And so we open the doors to the Marloe Watch Company Archives. Whether you’re keen to learn a little more about the watch on your wrist, or the watch you’re waiting for on the secondary market, or whether you’re simply curious to see how our story has evolved over the years through our designs; you’re in the right place.