Why Derwent?

Each of the four Derwent dials take inspiration from great British designs - from 17th century nautical charts to a traditional British pressure gauge - and are subtly domed to add a bit of extra dynamic. Each dial variety is paired to a polished steel or rose-gold case and hand set. All the dials are finished with a pearlescent granular paint to catch the light and bring a shimmering quality allowing refractions to dance over the crystal.

In the north-west of England lies a mountainous region with breathtaking beauty. The Lake District, with it's valleys, woodlands, fells and lakes is captivating and stirs a hunger for the great outdoors. Home to some of English literature’s greatest and most revered writers and poets, including author William Wordsworth, who wrote of it on many occasions:

The loveliest spot that man hath found

Bordered by woods and towering crags, Derwent Water is surrounded by the magnificence of the Lake District - to its west rise the fells of Cat Bells, to the east Friar's Crag. The Derwent takes it's name from this lake as it was on her very banks the concept was born.

Lake District