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Cherwell - Black Dial

  • Our foremost timepiece, the Cherwell, is inspired by the prestigious university city of Oxford and takes it's name from the River Cherwell which meanders through this City of Dreaming Spires.

    Surrounding the exhibition case-back is an inverse engraving with the words of renowned British author, poet and scholar, C.S. Lewis - who along with fellow novelist J.R.R. Tolkien, were active in the informal Oxford literary group; the Inklings - "The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour".

    The Cherwell is a mechanical machine, worn on the wrist, powered by you, to display the passing of time - a feat of such engineering marvel that we believe should be celebrated.


Every element of the Cherwell's design has been carefully considered - a robust and accurate manual wind mechanical movement; a slim yet modern sized beautifully designed custom case; a large sub-dial displaying the sweeping seconds ticking by; and the bespoke crown designed to remind the wearer to turn it and keep that heart beating.


The Cherwell is designed as a traditional watch with a contemporary feel, and we use several elements to achieve it. The dial is made up of two layers, combining to offer a simple yet elegant way of reading the time efficiently. The base layer holds the minute markers detailed by subtle squares that line the outer edge of the dial - a visual cue to a minute’s duration.

The sub-dial is sunken sharply and furnished with a stunning radial pattern that shimmers in the daylight - the sweeping second hand providing a visual acknowledgement that the watch is powered. The polished hour batons rise just that bit higher than the upper layer and stretch out into the void towards the perimeter. The hands, also polished, reach out and visually touch their respective marker with clarity and purpose.