A New Standard

A New Standard

Our Haskell range tells the story of Captain Scott and his men; their journey battling against all odds to reach the South Pole. Theirs is a tale of British bravery and courage, of daring and strength, set in a landscape so very far from home which most of us will never experience. While we can marvel at these places and those who dare to venture into them, for the majority of us, it's the stuff of pipe dreams. Most of our adventures take place within controlled and contained environments, sometimes in exotic locations but often on our doorstep; on the weekends, during school holidays, or on a long-awaited escape. 

The Haskell Field Standard is a celebration of that same spirit of adventure, but set right here on our doorstep; in Great Britain. It's a nod to drizzly mountain treks, muddy wellington boots and escapades carried out not so far from home; from off-roading and seeking uncharted territory with just a compass and a Thermos, to defrosting by the pub fireside. Adventures don't have to be momentous, life-threatening voyages to be significant, memorable and special. This latest addition to our Haskell range is an homage to this sentiment; to embracing all of life's big and small expeditions, to Great British spirit and adventure at any point on the spectrum. 

Field Standard

The damp, deep green of the British countryside is captured in the Field Standard’s uncomplicated dial. We’ve eschewed texture on this dial in place of smooth clarity - nothing beats a quick glance to tell the time, and with the matte finish covering the dial and rehaut, we’ve made sure that above all, you can read the time instantaneously. The outer rehaut features a minute track printed in a sand hue which is echoed around the rest of the dial and hands. The hour marks are presented using thickly printed luminous Arabic numerals, framed in that sandy tone; maximum legibility, clean continuity. In designing the Field Standard, we have set a new benchmark for ourselves. Reliable, considered, beautiful and robust; this is our standard-issue watch for the modern-day adventurer.

Haskell Field

The Field Standard is, in many ways, a traditional field watch; reliable, durable, featuring a stainless steel case and a high-quality Swiss Made movement, with luminous hands and easy-to-read numerals. It’s built to withstand tough conditions; a necessity for a field watch, whose traditional purpose was for use in battle. However our Field Standard has been designed not just for its original purpose, but for civilians and amateur explorers. It’s designed to accompany you on the everyday adventures and those a little more daunting, while enduring the rain, damp, sun, ice, snow and everything in-between that Great Britain can throw at a watch and its wearer. 

There was no shortage of design inspiration for this timepiece to be found right here in Great Britain. Within this single land mass, you can find an incredibly diverse array of terrains and landscapes; from wild mountainous ranges and white sandy beaches lapped by turquoise waters, to rugged moorlands, thunderous waterfalls, ancient ruins and huge, bustling cities. It therefore goes without saying that there's a lot of scope for adventure here; and perhaps that is why Great Britain has produced some of the world's most revered adventurers and explorers. From Captain Scott himself to Francis Drake, from Charles Darwin to Isabella Bird, there are a staggering number of British individuals who have achieved goals of great magnitude, carving a place for themselves in the history books.

Field Standard

But adventures happen here every day, albeit often on a smaller scale; it's almost impossible to avoid them. With nothing but a compass and a map - and yes, admittedly, some sturdy outdoor clothing and shoes - one can set out and very quickly be traversing ground that feels as if it's never been discovered before. Large swathes of this island are wild and untouched; inhabited only by native wildlife, and ready to be explored. We have equal respect for the spirit of the Darwins and the Birds as we do for the dad battling through the rain on the school run, the orienteering team tackling a new challenge, and the family bagging a Munro on their weekend. 

This is the spirit that we have captured within the Field Standard. From the Forest Green dial and red-tipped second hand, evocative of the magnetic needle of a compass, to the engraved compass case back and the Dark Earth Barenia leather strap, the Field Standard is a salute both to navigation and exploration, and to the magnificent natural landscape which we are so lucky to call home. Discover it today, and fall in love with the spirit of Great British adventure.

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  • Hi, I’m interested in the Haskell Field Standard. Could you tell what lume is in the hands/numerals please?



  • Excellent and useful account of the design inputs for this beautiful watch. I’m considering the Haskell Field Standard from across the pond as I’m wanting a green dial and a hand wind movement in my next watch purchases. This checks both boxes. The 40mm case width is my preferred size and I like that it’s depth is < 10mm. I love the unique appearance of this thoughtful design. Your company’s values and slow-moving counter culture also resonate strongly with me. Might even want to buy a Land Rover Defender (ha ha). My greatest dilemma is choosing the strap color. The dark earth matches beautifully, but I favor tan to match shoes and belt at the office.

    Steve Wright

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