• If Junghans ever produced a sports chronograph under the Max Bill line, I can’t help but imagine this isn’t too far off from what that might be. All in all, they nailed it.

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  • Of all the watches I have bought over the last 50 years this one has become my firm favourite already.


  • Just opened and put on my white Cherwell... STUNNING!


  • I received my white dial Cherwell two weeks ago and it's been on my wrist ever since. I can't tell you enough how elegant the watch looks and the compliments I get.


  • The build quality of my Cherwell watch is most impressive. The ability to witness the inner workings via the glass case on the rear of the watch is a nice touch too. The large size face contributes to a stylish timepiece to have on your wrist.

    Nigel Willetts

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