Where It All Began

Where It All Began

Not long ago I was your average 'fashion' watch consumer. A moment of curiosity led me to change the battery in one of my watches - a $200 model from a well-known brand. I purchased a few tools and set about removing the rear-casing to explore further. After several failed attempts to detach the case-back (it's harder than you think!), I finally managed to remove the engraved case-back and gain access to the internals.

A few people have asked what my motivation was to start a new watch brand - and it was this moment that led to where we are today. This was where it all began. Once I'd removed the rear-casing, I was both surprised and underwhelmed to see that my $200 watch was ultimately a piece of hollowed out metal with a tiny metallic movement inside, held in place by a piece of plastic. Needless to say I was expecting something a little grander.

I'd never delved inside any of my watches before, but as a traditionalist I suppose I had hoped to discover more impressive mechanical workings and slowly turning cogs.

The disappointment I felt at that moment drove me to explore the possibilities of creating timepieces with both form and function, celebrating genuine mechanics, and built around the beautiful engines they contained. In the Spring of 2015 I crossed paths with a talented industrial designer named Gordon, and 9-months later we are immensely proud to share the products of our imagination and perseverance.

Our philosophy? To embrace heritage and tradition, beauty and quality. To choose analogue over digital, mechanical over smart, cogs over data, and above all, to deliver a timepiece that our customers will fall in love with.

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