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We're so very excited to announce that we are now inviting you and your network to become a part of the first ever customer-owned watch brand. This is the start of an exciting chapter in the history of Marloe Watch Company. 

What are you talking about?

We are the first to admit that - to anyone who isn't a qualified accountant or solicitor, or a seasoned investor - this whole affair is confusing. The world of investment, shares, and equity was brand new to us only a matter of months ago, and the concept of opening up an investment round was, quite frankly, daunting. Faced with a minefield of jargon and with no model to follow, we decided to carve our own path and set out to make Marloe Watch Company the first ever customer-owned watch brand, by releasing shares to our customers and members of the public via Crowdcube. In a nutshell, this means that, with an investment of as little £10, shareholders receive equity in Marloe Watch Company, meaning that they legally own a percentage of the company and can play an active part in our growth, as well as receiving a host of rewards and benefits.

Why did you decide to do that?

Marloe Watch Company has had a fantastic 4 years, from the fateful first email to where we find ourselves today. We have nurtured the brand and expanded at a pace which allows us to do things right, and to do them well. As our community of customers grows, so does demand for new timepieces; to bring our fresh ideas to life and to market, while preserving the quality of customer service with which Marloe Watch Company has become synonymous. 

Without significant investment, we are unable to do this at the pace or with the reach that we, and our community, would like. The cost of manufacturing is great, and the price for effective marketing, packaging and shipping is also significant. We pride ourselves on being a debt-free business and on keeping our prices fair and accessible, but that comes at a cost to us and makes faster growth tricky. When faced with a choice between seeking investment from our exceptional community of customers and networks, or taking out a loan, the answer was obvious. 

So why Crowdcube?

It was important to us that the process of investing was made easy, transparent and safe for our community. We have had to educate ourselves in this field, which has required extensive collaboration with legal and financial advisors, and the seeking out of the right partner to aid us in this endeavour. We, as we freely admit, felt our way through the initial stages of research and it's only since we found the right partners that we have felt confident to move forwards, confident that this is the right decision for the business and our community. We don't want you to have to do the same research to reassure yourself; so we decided to partner with a renowned platform to keep things simple. Crowdcube have stood out to us throughout the process, proving themselves realistic, reliable, and secure, and allowing us to tailor our campaign to include our community at every level of investment.

What are your hopes for your Crowdcube venture?

This isn't simply a fund-raising exercise for us. We have, since day one, been focused on finding the best ways to make every customer feel like a true part of our community. We don't ever want to become a transactional business; our customers mean so much more to us than that. We have formed true friendships with the people who ask about, buy and wear our watches; we enjoy meeting face to face, receiving feedback and ideas, consulting with our customers, and we love knowing that Marloe means something to everyone in our network. We know that we can repay every investment not only financially, and with rewards and incentives, but with true involvement in our company, and that's what has brought us to this decision. It's our way of saying thank you for the support we have already received, and making a statement about how highly we value that by 'making it official' and giving interested parties the opportunity to play a real part in our future.


So what will happen over the next few weeks?

Everyone who invests anything from £10 will receive a proportionate share in Marloe Watch Company. The more you invest, the more shares and benefits you receive. Our customers have shown us since our very first Kickstarter campaign, launching our first watch, that they are behind us every step of the way. We know that the timepieces we will be able to bring to market over the next couple of years will bring great joy to our customers; we have been led by the demand from our customers for particular functionalities, designs, and variety. Perhaps, if you've been in to see us recently, you might have got a sneak peek at a couple of prototypes?

Shareholders across the investment tiers will receive invitations to our AGM and events, and will be asked for their opinions on upcoming designs and releases. They will also receive unique rewards and benefits, increasing with every tier of investment, as a thank you for joining us on this journey. This relationship will continue for the duration of the shareholding - far beyond this initial round of investment.

The investment will, if we reach our target, allow us to go ahead and manufacture a number of new ranges of timepieces which we have been working on for some time now. It will mean that every watch arrives in one of our newly designed boxes, with collector card and manual. We will be able to market our watches across the globe, bringing new people into our community while preserving the family feel that we have been so fortunate to enjoy with our existing customers. In a nutshell, this is the start of a true growth stage for Marloe Watch Company, and we are delighted to be entering it alongside our community. 

How can I invest?

If you are interested in becoming a part-owner of Marloe Watch Company, all the information you'll need can be found on our Investor page. And please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

To those of you who have already noted your interest or invested, we extend a huge thank you.

To the future, together, and whatever it may hold. 

Oliver Goffe
Oliver Goffe

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