One of the family

One of the family

This October we hope to launch our Series B Funding Round - What is a Series B Funding Round? We hear you ask. Well, it's essentially an equity funding round where we raise funds by selling shares in the business, and this will be our second round (hence Series B). Ultimately, it's an opportunity to join us, become one of the family, and own part of Marloe Watch Company. If that sounds exciting to you, then feel free to register your interest on our Crowdcube page

Our first funding round took place in the autumn of 2019, where we successfully raised over half a million pounds through 740 amazing investors, to drive the business forward. And it worked - since our Crowdcube campaign we've more than doubled our revenue, increased production runs from 2 to 4 per year, welcomed more than 5000 new customers and sold more than 7000 watches - we’ve also relocated to a larger, purpose-built space.


It's not just about growth for us though - we're building a community of like-minded people who feel passionately about what we do and the success of it, and in doing so, we've become the first ever watch company to be part-owned by its customers. It's something we're incredibly proud of, and now, 3 years on, we're opening our doors again to allow new investors to join the family - and with this new investment we plan to bring assembly and elements of manufacturing back to the home of watchmaking.

If you would like to understand more about Crowdcube or indeed investing, please visit our FAQs.

Our Story

Everyone starts somewhere, and for me it was 8 years ago when I removed the caseback of my quartz fashion watch to reveal a disappointing reality of modern watchmaking - inside was nothing but a small plastic movement surrounded by a hollow metal shell. The craftsmanship and quality I expected were gone, in favour of superficial, high mark-up, mass production. I saw a rare opportunity to do things differently, leading to our launch on Kickstarter that raised nearly £200,000 to get us going.


What sets us apart is that we’re not influenced by the market, nor do we create homages to iconic designs - being detached from hype and trends affords us the ability to design without barriers, creating completely unique and original products.

At Marloe, we design from the ground up, using bespoke manufacturing to create unique and original watch designs - we use no off-the-shelf parts or blueprints. Selling direct to the customer, through our beautiful and content-rich website, we’ve reduced the supply chain and streamlined the process to offer fair prices. Keeping our original vision at the core of our operation has carved us a niche inside the blossoming mechanical watch market.

Why another funding round?

Our watches are currently manufactured and assembled in Switzerland or Japan (depending on the model), but over the course of the last 24 months we’ve been researching and planning to bring assembly in-house, back to the home of watchmaking. Not only will this allow us to bring new skills into the team through apprenticeships and training, but we will also be able to offer servicing, repairs and customisation right here under our own roof.

We're aiming to raise £500,000 and we’d love you to join us on our journey. With the investment, we’re planning to bring assembly, servicing, repairs and elements of manufacturing in-house - creating a destination for our customers, where they can come and see their watch being made. We’ll also be investing in and broadening our marketing and advertising activities, as well as expanding the team to deliver our strategy.

We believe this is a great investment opportunity that will not only deliver significant returns, but allow you to be part of the resurrection of the British watchmaking revolution. We'll also be offering additional rewards at various investment levels, such as priority access to new products and content, advanced project insights, an invitation to our annual AGM and and exclusive access to Shareholder Edition timepieces

If you would like to be kept informed of our Series B Funding Round then please enter your email address below and we'll be sure to keep you updated. And of course, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to get in touch

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  • Sounds great. If you can bring back production to the UK, or at least assembly. Far too much has been lost in the UK in respect of what we make and how. Slainte!

    Andrew Wells
  • Can I still invest in the series A or B funding?

    I have purchased two of your watches back in 2021

    Many thanks

    PaulD Martins MBA

    Paul Martins
  • Please keep me informed on series B funding.

    Stuart Kester
  • Can you please resend shareholding info again accidentally deleted.


    M Clunie
  • Please keep me informed about the Series B funding. Thanks

    Michael Groom

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