Releasing The Mind

Releasing The Mind

What a time to be alive. Every corner we turn there seems to be more barriers in our way, more problems to sweat through and an overload of doom and gloom. Seriously, it can be incredibly debilitating - I know because it often is for me. It’s not the first and it certainly won’t be the last time that I get far too caught up in the mechanics of what’s happening around us - just watch our “Inside Marloe Watch Company” from March to see what sort of state I get myself in… it’s not good!

Cost of living increases, energy price increases, governmental implosion increases - everything is increasing. Except for the pound; that very much has, and continues to decrease, against the dollar. Worrying times then, not just for people in general, but for businesses the country over, and we’re not immune. It’s been a challenging time for us here at Marloe, and the most important thing for us right now is knowing how to release the tension, the anxiety and stress, so that we can focus on building our company, and producing exciting watches.

This November, rather than taking part in the frenzied discounting, we're partnering with Blackdog Outdoors to support their work. So for every order we receive this month we'll be contributing £5 directly to the charity, helping them to improve the mental health of others.

One of my great loves is mountain biking - opening my garage door on a Sunday to collect my mountain bike and head up the nearest hill - this is my mechanism. It’s a great way for me to both relinquish all the stored anxious energy from the week by turning it into power for my legs, and also let my mind release all the pent-up frustrations that have gathered too. Cycling is a great way to level out, and although I prefer the mud and rocks, I also love cycling on the road because I get to see so much of our beautiful country quickly - average speeds increase each week as my fitness builds, and using apps like Strava allow me to track my progress, giving me even greater sense of progress.

But it’s up in the hills, in the forests and on the tracks that I find the biggest fun. Mountain biking is a challenging way to cycle, especially if you are climbing up a hill to come back down it again - huge energy is required as well as technique, balance, timing and agility. Putting power through my legs and climbing up steep inclines littered with rocks and streams is tricky, but getting to the top of the section without stopping gives me such a buzz. Coming down a steep path with obstacles and roots, rocks and mud, is thrilling. Yes, it’s incredibly tiring and afterwards I’m no use to anyone for a few hours, but it brings me so much joy.


As we navigate through this complex landscape in our professional and private lives, it’s good to have a release to balance ourselves. This year it’s been harder than most and the looming circus of Black Friday has us wondering how to avoid succumbing to this strange day of frenzied discounting. Of course we have a couple of little secrets that we couldn’t possibly divulge just now, but when we happened upon the award-winning Blackdog Outdoors charity and saw what they’re doing, it made complete sense to come together and to celebrate the great outdoors as a means to highlight a great way to benefit the mental health of us all.

Blackdog Outdoors is a platform for re-connecting people with the great outdoors. The role of sport and recreation in improving mental health is now becoming increasingly clear. The effects of outdoor activities can include stress reduction, improved mood, improved self-esteem and improved health and general well-being. The real challenge lies in promoting the idea of “green exercise” to those that will benefit from it, providing opportunities for those people to take up outdoor activities, and to support and encourage them as they set out on their individual adventures - Blackdog Outdoors provide this service.

This November, rather than taking part in the frenzied discounting, we're partnering with Blackdog Outdoors to support their work and promote what they're doing. So for every order that we receive this month we'll be contributing £5 directly to the charity, to support them in improving the mental health of others.

Blackdog Outdoors

If you would like to make a donation yourself directly to the charity, you can do so here.

Walking, cycling, hiking and watersports are all brilliant ways to build a positive wellbeing and connect with likeminded people. My most enjoyable moments are when I’m labouring up a hill on my bike, with my pal watching me struggle, as he shouts extra encouragement. Success, even little things like getting to the next flat path, is all feeding into the big melting pot of positive energy, and propagates out into all other areas of our lives.  

Blackdog Outdoors - registered charity 1189191


Update: December 1st 2022 - we're delighted to announce that we received 347 orders during the month of November and will therefore be making a donation of £1,735 to Blackdog Outdoors. Thank you to all of you who made a purchase in November and directly contributed to this campaign. 

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  • Im so pleased to hear Marloe is teaming up with Blackdog. The outdoors has been a life-long source of wellness for me, so much so it has become my career and I can’t imagine life without it.
    As for cycling, the freedom and sense of escape that can come from a simple (or not so simple) bike ride is something that is, in my opinion, unrivalled. A short time and a few pedal strokes can place you miles away from your worries, propelled into a realm of fresh air and adventure.

    A very exciting partnership and a wonderful read.
    Keep on peddling Gordon!


    James Wragg

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