Worn Battle Canvas Strap (22mm)

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Our Worn Battle Canvas Strap features matching brown stitching and hand-painted black edges - the strap has a worn aesthetic resulting in a completely unique strap - the canvas can vary greatly. 

The strap measures 22mm and does not taper - the edges of the strap have been sanded, coloured and roughened by hand. 

Our Worn straps feature either an engraved polished Marloe icon buckle or a plain matte unbranded buckle - they are also fitted with quick-release spring bars.

Compatible with: Solent, Sceptre, Atlantic


One of our favourite young British brands, Marloe watches cannot be matched for great British value

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Marloe caught our eye for two reasons - one, their care and craftsmanship, and two, their thoroughly reasonable prices


Superb detail without breaking the bank



Every watch is inspired by a story of human endeavour - of people who dedicated their time to something extraordinary.

Their passion, belief and tenacity helped them achieve what others thought was impossible. These were people who challenged themselves, who never took the easy path or cut corners. They knew that nothing worthwhile comes easy and that it’s worth taking the time to do things properly.



A simple philosophy guides everything we do - we take the time to do things properly.

Our mechanical watches are testament to that. We don’t rush them. They’re the product of doing things as expertly as possible, not as fast as possible. We hope that wherever your Marloe watch takes you, and whatever adventures you share, it’s Time Well Spent.

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