The Dawn of the Jet Age

The Dawn of the Jet Age

The dawn of a new age in flight. Faster, quieter, more luxurious, the jet-age brought about a sea-change in the way flight was perceived. It was the peak of social status and, if you were lucky enough to fly during the hey-day, an incredible experience.

Technically these planes were a feat of British engineering marvel and signalled to the world that innovation was in our blood. The Pacific is inspired by the dawn of the jet-age, and in particular, the de Havilland Comet - the world's first commercial jet airliner to cross the Pacific and circumnavigate the globe. The Comet was developed by de Havilland at its Hatfield Aerodrome in Hertfordshire, with an aerodynamically clean design and turbojet engines buried in the wings, not to mention a pressurised cabin and square windows. When the de Havilland Comet flew into the sky in 1952, it changed aviation for good - it was the Concorde of its day – it flew higher, faster and smoother than any other airline of the time.

Soaring at heights previously reserved for the gods, with nothing but gradually darkening blue above and barely recognisable terra firma below - a technical achievement of unfathomable potential that opened up the world. The jet age signalled to the world that there was no place that couldn’t be accessed in comfort, style and speed. The dawn of true global connectivity, companionship and status, the jet engine facilitated the boom of worldwide travel, for culture, friendship and business.

Luxury was at the top of the requirements - the human experience was more important as a way to sell this new method of transport to the lucky few. Entrance lobbies, powdering rooms and multiple feet of legroom gave passengers the very best of what super-fast, comfortable travel could be. Over the decades since, the air travel landscape has shifted inexorably. From the heyday of future-flight, through the explosive expansion of the airline industry to retro-spectacular decor, each of our Pacific watches pays homage to a particular era of jet-age.


The Pacific 52 and 55 - the 52 is our ode to the Comet and the new lavish lifestyle that came with travelling the globe, whilst the 55 celebrates the introduction and splendour of First Class on Jet aircraft - opulence personified.

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  • can we have the Specs and more pics please. so hard to choose between the 2.

  • This is the one I’ve really been looking forward to.

    Donald Clyne
  • The one I’ve held my wallet and breathe for.

  • Bonjour j attends de voir vos différents modèles de votre nouvelle collection. Merci.

    Salgado Luis
  • Oh no what are you doing to me I have never collected anything before I now own the Campbell series all 3 and now you bring out another gorgeous set 😍


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