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Small but mighty - the Itten measures a wee 35mm across the case, but it's packed full of mechanical marvels.

We all start somewhere and the Itten, inspired by the colour wheel created to help understand and explore colour theory, is the perfect jumping-off point for the next generation of mechanical watch advocates.

The Itten is a great example of using Itten’s primary scale, and features a bold, bright dial that starts with a matte white foundation. Building upon this is a clear-printed map-line motif, indicative of the countless directions we can go as young adults.

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All our watches are made in sequentially numbered small batches - the Tay Itten is a Limited Edition run of 300 pieces.


- 35mm x 10.5mm, 18mm lug width
- Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
- Multi-layer dial with luminous markings
- Aero cross-section hands with luminous fill
- 48g (without strap)
- 10 ATM (100m)
- Miyota 9039 automatic movement
- 28,800 bph, 24 jewels
- 40+ hour power reserve
- Accuracy of -10 ~ + 30 sec/day
- Hacking function, Parashock anti-shock
- Japanese Made
- 2 year warranty


Colour theory is a big part of what we do - deciding what colour works with the other colours on a dial - and can be challenging if you’re not familiar with theories like the Farbkreis colour wheel. Johannes Itten created the wheel in 1961 to simplify and identify the colours that both complemented and contrasted with one another. Split into three groups - primary, secondary and tertiary - the wheel, to this day, allows designers to consider appropriate colouring in their work.

The Devil's In The Detail

With small diameters come small parts - dials have less room to display the time and hands have less room to move. Given the limited space we had to play with, we've enhanced the feeling of depth by using multiple tiers for the dial, with an outer ring angled into a contrasting chapter ring, both elevated above the main textured dial. This stadium-like rake leads the eye into the dial, giving the impression of depth and separation.

The colouring of the Itten is an exercise in separation of utility - the hands are the focus, and are painted in the three primary colours of red, blue and yellow. As such, the dial markings follow suit, with the hour markings printed in 12 red dots, the minute markings on the chapter ring printed in a vivid blue, and the seconds aligned with the outer yellow ring - indicating the passing of time.


Taking inspiration from the primary colours dictated by Itten's Farbkreis concept, we've deployed red, blue and yellow on the dial - sometimes, images speak louder than words...


The Tay dial is small, which means every effort has to be made to prioritise clarity and legibility. The Itten dial has 3 layers, each one showing different information, boosting legibility and looking incredibly dynamic in the changing light.


Each chamfer on the Tay case is there to guide the light, shaping it, catching it and presenting it back to you in a way that keeps the Tay looking slim and neat, yet at the same time reassuring you it's incredibly capable.

Flowing Design

As thin as we can make it without compromising our 100m water resistance rating, the Tay case is robust, angular and has wonderful, simplistic wrist presence. Each facet is designed to catch the light in an elegant way, yet still look and feel solid as a wee tank.


Inside the Tay is the solid, reliable, accurate and beautifully finished Miyota 9039. Beating at a high rate of 28,800bph, the 9039 sweeps the second hand around the dial smoothly, and keeps you on schedule, no matter how busy your day is.


Low-light legibility is aided with bright and long-lasting luminous paint in the hour and minute hands, as well as little luminous pips to give orientation on the dial. Easy. Simple. Effective.

My first Marloe! The design is simply amazing. The dial colors, the dimensions and the portability are one step away from perfection. Everyone likes it and it's an excellent conversation starter.

Francesco T.

This is an excellent watch, especially at this price point. The colour combination and its elaborate design make it stand out, and despite its small size, it feels robust and well-engineered.

Panagiotis A.

Go small and you will not be disappointed! Website pictures do not do this watch justice: The yellow ring is actually an iridescent mustard which pops - a true hidden gem.

Jerome M.


We are limited, unfortunately, by the realms of physics. It’s true - we have tried to bend these rules - but things are the size they are and that’s that. When it comes to mechanical movements they are inherently 'big'. You might think we’re joking, considering the movement inside the Tay is only 26mm in diameter and a mere 3.9mm thick, but when tolerances, clearances and physical limits of material thicknesses are considered, that 26mm soon approaches the 35mm diameter that we want the dimension of the Tay to be.

Having uncompromising demands like water resistance capability and construction quality has been the greatest challenge for this watch. As well as keeping the Tay at a touch over 10mm thin, affording a comfortable and unobtrusive fit, we wanted the Tay to have sensational wrist presence for such a small watch. As such we have affectionately called this our “little tank” owing to its robust appearance, but diminutive dimensions.


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