Delve into the world of Marloe - find out a little more about Marloe Watch Company and what makes us tick, as well as reading about the people we work with and why we work with them.

Stephanie Holland

September 30, 2021

During our research for the Solent and the Limited Edition Dart, we delved into both our own and the nation’s memories and experiences of not just the open o...

Stephanie Holland

September 03, 2021

The once-in-a-lifetime, everyday man. A man who single-handedly circumnavigated the world in a humble boat, who was before, and was after again, a fruit merc...

Stephanie Holland

July 23, 2021

With the long-awaited 2020 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony kicking off at 8pm BST tonight, I caught up with Scottish sailor Luke Patience from his Tokyo hotel...

Stephanie Holland

July 09, 2021

7am, a loch in Perthshire. It is a positively balmy 11 degrees celsius. The morning sunshine is just touching the tips of the hills which encircle us, crowni...

Oliver Goffe

July 02, 2021

Inspired by the world of seafaring and navigation, and a British sailor who captured the hearts of millions. Introducing the Solent collection...

Gordon Fraser

May 21, 2021

Such was the confidence I had in the design - the beauty of the thing - that it would put Marloe on the Serious Dive Watch map...

Gordon Fraser

May 07, 2021

We’re making lots of progress in many facets of the Marloe world, and it’s a really positive time - we feel positive and things in the world are, in general ...

Gordon Fraser

April 22, 2021

Learning about and being conscious of the reasons for climate change is something that has remained at arms length for me. That all changed recently and my w...


In 2015, a simple twist of fate brought together the two founders of Marloe Watch Company. Oliver & Gordon were intrigued by design, the slow-living counter culture, and beautiful mechanical watches - within a year, the first Marloe watch was created, and Marloe Watch Company was born.

Marloe design watches that they’re proud of, made by manufacturing partners who over the years have also become friends. Honest watches made with care and attention - unpretentious, proven quality.

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