Between the Devil and the deep blue sea

Between the Devil and the deep blue sea

Time flies, we all know that. But I don't think time has ever flown so quickly for us since running a small business, especially during a year of major change. As many of you may be aware, we recently moved our HQ all the way down from Kinross to Sonning Common on the outskirts of Henley-on-Thames - just the 417 miles or so. What some of you may not know is that it has also been a big transitional year for us with regard to manufacturing - we've pretty much moved all our projects over to new partners - and this has apparently created some sort of accelerated time machine, as it feels like we were only just packing away the decorations on the Twelfth Night. 

But here we are, sipping mulled wine and nursing a rather large platter of mince pies - pop in if you fancy one! Although it's been a busy old year, it's been an incredibly productive one too - with the relocation comes in-house assembly, something that we're very excited about. We're soon to appoint a head watchmaker and are keen to hit the ground running early in 2024. We also have a chock-a-block production schedule for next year with no fewer than five brand new collections being released, several of which are very exclusive and limited in numbers (if you fancy a trip to Pendine Sands in September watch this space!). And if that wasn't enough, our design office has relocated to the unfathomably beautiful Isle of Skye, where inspiration spills from every rugged patch of gneiss. If you would like to hear more from the design office, why not sign up for The Outpost

But as the radio fills our new little corner of the world with Christmas songs, Sonning Common is already beginning to feel like home. We've had many guests pop in to take a look around, not to mention to see what we've been working on (if you'd like to do the same, please find more info here) - and plans are afoot to hold our first customer event under this roof mid-January - more to come on this very soon! 

It's been a tough year for small businesses. As the months have passed, we've seen many of our friends close their doors - even our merchandise supplier could no longer sustain the ever-increasing costs and had to call it a day. In fact, it's been the worst year for small businesses since 2009 which, for those who remember, saw one heck of a recession - actual growth that year saw the sharpest fall in GDP in a calendar year since official figures began in 1949. 

And although we're still here slugging it out, we're not immune to the challenges our fellow businesses face. We've done everything we can to keep this ship steady on what are very rough seas, but we are going to have to make some changes as we move into 2024 - ultimately in the way of a few price increases. We pride ourselves on our integrity and will always try to keep our prices as low and affordable as they can possibly be, but if we want to continue bringing watches out into the world, we need to tweak the knobs a little. 

From Monday 1st January, five of our collections will increase slightly in price - but don't worry, that leaves plenty of time to snap up your watch at the current pricing. Please see details of the price increase below:

Price changes

We'll remind you of the changes closer to New Year's Eve, but for now we hope you'll appreciate the complex situation we’re operating in, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  • I own several watches and the quality and style of your watches are second to none. I truly appreciate the fine craftsmanship and thought which goes into each of your watches. I completely understand the need to increase prices and it will in no way deter me from continuing to purchase and support the Marlowe Watch Company. Keep up the stellar work!

    Shawn Ayers
  • Even after the price increase, Marloe watches present a fantastic value proposition.

    Nader Absood
  • Price increase is basically in line with 2023 inflation. I see no issue here.

    And if we’re honest my Coniston Auto is worth far more than what I paid for it, the quality is fantastic.

    Excited for the five new models !!

  • I would rather you raised prices and keep your business going than the business fail. I will just have to save a bit longer for the next watch.

    Keith Brotherton
  • Times are hard for everyone, the costumer included.
    I understand why you have to make such hard decisions but for us, non uk residents, its the second price increase this year.


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