Keeping Heritage Alive

Keeping Heritage Alive

This week we made the journey down to the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu to install a display cabinet in the For Britain & For The Hell Of It exhibition - alongside memorabilia, trophies and personal items belonging to the land speed record-breaking drivers of the past. It's worth noting that British drivers, engineers, mechanics and cars have broken the World Land Speed Record more times than any other nationality - an incredible achievement. 

Display cabinet

To have our watches, such as the Coniston Auto CN7, alongside Donald Campbell's Proteus Bluebird CN7 - the first car to officially set a Land Speed Record in excess of 400mph - is very humbling to say the least, not to mention a proud moment for all of us at Marloe Watch Company. 

Working with the National Motor Museum in Keeping Heritage Alive

The term 'heritage', implying historical importance or tradition, is not one we use very often as a 9-year-old business. Conversely, the National Motor Museum, since its inception in 1952, has continously displayed and celebrated motoring achievements, vehicles, people and events that epitomise the illustrious heritage of British engineering and design.

This makes collaborating with the Museum, as their Official Timekeeping Partner, such an exciting and privileged moment in our young trajectory. To see the vast array of vehicles on display, each with its own story and connection to the heritage of British motoring, is going to be huge inspiration for us - who knows what will follow as a result. 

Bluebird CN7

In addition the National Motor Museum is intrinsically connected to the Campbell Family Heritage Trust. We've celebrated and broadcast the legacy of the Campbell family's speed achievements for many years now, highlighting this incredible story of a father and son doing whatever they could to be the fastest across land and water. This connection with the Museum makes our partnership all the more befitting.

We hope that those visiting the Museum will pop their heads in to the For Britain & For The Hell Of It exhibition and take a moment to soak-up the history, heritage and achievements of these record breaking conquerors - the names of Seagrave, Cobb and Noble, among others, etched into great British history. 

Sunbeam 350HP

It might also be worth spending some time with the Sunbeam 350HP, which Sir Malcolm Campbell used to secure his first speed record on Pendine Sands back in 1924. This is where it all started, and is a huge inspiration for us - such that we are now working on keeping the heritage alive through a new range of watches that we aim to launch in celebration of 100 years since Sir Malcolm set those records. Watch this space...

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  • Fantastic to see your watches in such a great location and a such a strong link with the Coniston range of watches.

    Well done to all at Marloe.

    Chris Bennett
  • Congratulations, a very well deserved placement I must say, you totally deserve the recognition, British is a byword for all things quality and Marloe take that to new levels with each release👌

    Alan Lewis
  • What a fantastic partnering, I frequently visit and look forward to seeing the display, I will of course be sporting one of my Marloe watches for the occasion!

    Carl White
  • Congrats again to Team Marloe for this tie up with the museum. I for one will be very much looking forward to see what new lines will be coming based on the inspiration mentioned and also to visit again to see the stand. And you should indeed feel proud to be on display alongside the heritage there. I bet it’s an awesome feeling!

    Simon Dando

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