Read all about it

Read all about it

We heard the rumble of the pallet wheels on the path long before the courier appeared at our door, with a stack of boxes in tow. The contents of which had been ordered a few weeks prior in September and we’d been waiting for this delivery with excitement - seeing things in print and holding a physical manifestation of all the digital hours spent at a computer screen is a really exciting and proud moment. We print a lot of things but the larger format of this delivery makes things just that little bit more impressive.

The delivery was our 2022 Autumn/Winter newspaper that we ship with all watch orders. We'd ordered around 300 more than we thought we’d need to last us all the way through until the 2023 Spring Summer Edition in March. The newspaper is our way of offering additional context and content to those who purchase our watches, not to mention broadening the unboxing experience and immediately opening up our world of Marloe to new (and existing) faces.

We ran out of the 2022 Autumn/Winter Edition by mid-January, such was the number of orders leaving our HQ. It’s become a representation of just how busy we’ve been that our horde of newspapers disappearing has caught us by surprise. I think we even said “are we sure we need that many? We’ll be lining our chips with them”, but finding ourselves paperless so soon is a fantastic achievement in a way - we are very lucky to have had a such a successful start to the new year.


I’ve therefore been diligently working on the 2023 Spring/Summer Edition these past few weeks and it’s crystallised how exciting this year is looking. We now have three new ranges in our stables that are proving popular; the Coniston Auto has been a long-awaited update and we’re so pleased to see it enjoying a warm reception, the Sceptre range is enjoying similar success (the Commander has now sold out which is incredible, but also a bit frustrating!), and the Tay has finally filled a that gap in our collection for smaller wristed folk, or indeed those who simply prefer smaller diameter watches - the wee tank is like a jewel and its diminutive size doesn’t stop it from having great presence.

Looking ahead the GMT will be arriving quite soon. The final production samples were received in October last year and despite them being “dummy” samples (without movements) I still wore them around the office for weeks, getting a great feel for the iterative tweaks I’d made and how striking this watch really is on the wrist. The GMT is an exciting project for us, using the brand new Miyota 9075 movement that offers “true” GMT functionality. We’ll be explaining it thoroughly in the coming weeks but to be on the cusp of receiving a watch of this calibre, with a spec sheet that reads like an check-box for unparalleled “value proposition”... our expectations are somewhat heightened (more so than usual).

Macro photograph of the upcoming GMT watch

The 2023 Spring/Summer paper is complete and we’re conducting final checks before print. Lots of exciting things to be seen in this edition and we're going to try to order enough this time to bridge the gap between now and the Autumn/Winter Edition. Secretly we're hoping that we run out of these too!

The spring air is approaching, the lighter days are dawning and the call of the outdoors is beckoning. We’ve been swimming in the darkness of winter for too long but can almost touch the spring surface above - soon we’ll be complaining about the ridiculous heat. Despite all the tensions, worries and concerns swarming all around us, believe that this too shall pass. Till the next update, keep together, keep the heid, keep spending your time well, and above all look after yourself and others. 

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  • Thanks to Miyota and the simpler Seiko, GMTs spawn like wildflowers this spring. Very few do it creatively. So I look forward to Marloe’s take on the genre. I just hope it won’t wear too big, as the brand tends to do.

  • Can’t wait for the GMT I think this one will be a winner!

    Donald Clyne
  • Is that a bronze case i see in the picture? That would be even more excitement.

    David Giles

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