Where have we come from and what have we learned?

The journey is what gives us the experience, and despite what feels like half a minute gone by, we’re now approaching 8 years old. In that time we’ve designed 17 watches, and the new Morar will become our 18th. That’s a lot of experience, in designing, manufacturing and launching watches.

In this 3rd episode I talk about the Morar project - how it came to be, what things we wanted for it, and what we learned after it launched. I also touch on what we’ve learned as a company, especially when it comes to the delicate relationship between design and marketing.

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Check it out now below, and have a watch of the first 2 episodes as well - we’re gathering a bit of pace now and the first three episodes form the “before” phase of our next dive watch. We’re about to embark on the most exciting phase - research and design.

Thanks to everyone who joins us live, and to those who watch on catch-up. It’s great to do these live-streams and we hope you find them of interest - sign up to our YouTube channel to be notified when he next episode is scheduled, and if you can hit the like button on our videos we would be very grateful - it seems to go a great way to getting them out there amongst the noise.

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  • Gordon so good to hear from your heart and mind around your approach to design with Marloe since the beginning. Looking forward to hearing and seeing your designs coming to market and here’s to continued to success and growth for you, Oliver and the brand.

    Chris Bennett
  • Will there be a 42 mm case size, for us bigger guys? Thanks for all you do, and I will be following. Also will be ordering a watch after Christmas but before end of the year.

    Mike Abrams
  • The design of the DayTimer is great: pristine! What is the size of the case? When do you intend to release it? Cheers

  • Simply amazing insight, total honesty as expected from you guys…really allowing us to feel part of the journey, keeping us on the edge of the seat wondering what will emerge from the depths of your imagination and creativity 👌

    Alan Lewis

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