Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue
"When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." When Harry Met Sally.

Maybe it's the dawning of a new year and a new decade, or just some residual warm and fuzzies from Christmas, but we're feeling the love here at Marloe Watch Company. We're quoting chick flicks, for heaven's sake - and we're talking about love. With two thirds of Marloe Watch Company happily married (to their respective wives, not to each other, although that's easy to forget sometimes) with a beautiful child each, and one third engaged to be married with a baby imminently to be born, it goes without saying that we are no strangers to true love, and to planning a good wedding.

Engagements and weddings are all about one thing; the physical expression and celebration of love and commitment. While an engagement ring is a traditional symbol of this devotion, it's also a superb gift - carefully selected, designed or chosen to reflect the personality and taste of the wearer, presented with ceremony, and worn daily to remind the wearer of their other half's love. Oftentimes, by the time the big day rolls around, only one half of the partnership is already wearing their most prized possession; an engagement ring; unless you've both treated one another to something special! If not, it's pretty hard to think of a gift to give in return which matches up to the sentiment of a ring.

What to give? Something meaningful, that is worn daily, something unique and beautiful.... you can see where we're going with this. Obviously, we're biased. We love watches. But a watch truly is a great choice for a wedding gift - symbolising the encapsulation of time, the storing of memories, marking the passing of seconds, minutes, hours, years and lifetimes spent loving one another; it's a physical item which provides a daily reminder of your loved one.

There are a few things that make a Marloe watch a particularly special gift option. The first is its unique price point. Many of the best-known luxury watch brands that one might initially consider to be at the pinnacle of gift-giving are outside most peoples' budgets; especially when there's a wedding to pay for. On the flip side, more affordable watches are unfortunately often so affordable for a reason; cheaply made with no lasting power, and often no soul. As with the overpriced quartz fashion watch, which adversely sparked the creation of Marloe Watch Company, some more expensive watches are priced purely for the brand name, rather than the quality or originality of the design or manufacturing process.

Alan Wedding

A Marloe watch is different. Our main aim, when we made our very first watch, was to bring an unprecedented level of original design to mechanical watches at an accessible price point. Each element of our watches is painstakingly designed, reworked, revisited and honed until it's perfect; flawlessly functional, and clearly reflecting the spirit of the watch. Each Marloe watch also has a story; each range, each colour way, each component of every timepiece has meaning, purpose, and a tale to tell.

With a unique serial number engraved on every Marloe watch, selected by the buyer, there is further opportunity to add meaning to your timepiece. Many customers choose a date - the date of their wedding day, for example, or the date that they met their significant other, a birthday, the date of a particularly special memory. Others choose the number of their first home together, the time that they met on their first date, or something more cryptic - whatever is chosen, this unique serial number adds another layer of meaning to an already very special gift.

Owning a hand-wound watch provides the wearer with a very different experience than owning an automatic watch. Everyone has their preference; but with a hand-wound watch, there is a daily touch-point that comes with the winding of your watch. When the watch has been gifted by a loved one, winding provides a moment of reflection; taking a couple of minutes before the day begins, or just before bed, to fondly recall the giver of the watch and take stock of the passing of time.

We don't do men's or women's designs; we just make beautiful watches, in varying shapes and sizes, available on a wide range of straps, in the hope that they will appeal to someone regardless of their gender. Love is love, watches are watches, and we believe our watches would make a beautiful gift for a bride or groom, or indeed, a member of the wedding party who the happy couple wish to thank for their part in the big day, and in their lives. All of our watches are presented in a custom-designed box, with a unique authenticity card identifying your personal serial number and the spec of your watch, along with a beautiful manual detailing the back story of the watch and the finer details of its anatomy and function; a package sleek and special enough to give straight to the receiver without gift wrapping.

Melissa wedding

We are so very honoured that our watches have been chosen for the Big Day of many of our customers; here is a small selection of stories and photographs to give you some warm and fuzzies.


Looking for a wedding present for your future husband is never an easy thing; you want something they can keep, something they would want, something that holds memories and, obviously, something they would like! From a couple of months after we got engaged I started thinking about what to get him.

I knew that he loved watches but I wanted something a bit more special and original than a big name (aka expensive) brand or a high street brand, so did some research and found Marloe. I really liked the idea of a small watch company that went back to the basics of hand wound watches whilst not sacrificing any style. Even more special was the Derwent collection as my husband is from the Lake District. All of this combined made it the perfect wedding present. Marloe were also great at customer service - quickly replying to any questions and making the whole process feel very personal. This, topped with the fact my husband has not taken the watch off, means that getting a watch from Marloe was definitely the right decision. My husband is even talking about getting another one in the future!


I was lucky enough to marry my gorgeous wife Anne on the 10th May 2019 at the beautiful Swan Hotel in Historic Lavenham, Suffolk. We chose this location for our wedding as it was the first place Anne and I went for a meal when we got together nearly 4 years ago - therefore it has real meaning for us, it's part of our history. As we started to arrange the finer details we made the decision that we wanted to arrange everything ourselves, even making the flower displays! This allowed us to get exactly what we wanted. Anne chose her stunning wedding dress and created her own bouquet, whilst I chose the suit and my accessories for the big day. One of my decisions was to match my suit with a watch for the day; whilst that may sound strange, it was a big decision as Anne had bought me a beautiful blue Marloe Haskell watch in November 2018 as a joint engagement and wedding present. It was the watch I had always desired and wanted, and I couldn't have been happier; I just had to wear that on my wedding day.

Marloe represented everything l admired; British design with a great backstory to the company, attention to detail and fantastic value. My Marloe watch means so much to me not only because it was a beautiful gift from my lovely wife, but also because it's hand wound. In a world which is increasingly fast-paced and frantic, it is great to take time to connect with my watch daily and to power up the watch by winding it and giving it life. Wearing the watch on my wedding day was such an easy choice, I felt proud to be marrying the girl of my dreams while wearing a watch which has become a part of our personal history.


I just wanted to share with you some pictures of one of the happiest days of my life, do you recognise the watch I’m wearing?

Ernesto photo

If you're planning the purchase of a special gift, for yourself or a loved one - whether it's to commemorate a wedding, an anniversary, an engagement, a birthday, or just a particularly happy period of your life, get in touch - we would love to hear your story and to help you find the perfect timepiece. May we also recommend that you check out The Wedding Collective; Marloe Watch Company are honoured to be listed as one of their suppliers, and we keep brilliant company among a collective of inspired, communicative and exciting wedding-oriented suppliers who work with integrity and passion. From the most delicious cakes to talented musicians guaranteed to get a party started, from the dresses and suits of dreams to magical venues across the UK, The Wedding Collective is a one-stop destination for any couple.

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  • Bought the ‘better half’ one as his engagement present – he now has a few!! He even bought me one so I don’t feel left out. They are truly beautifully made watches that make fabulous gifts and will compliment all types of wedding attire 😁

    Jo Stone

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