The Spirit of Adventure

The Spirit of Adventure

One of the many, many perks of our roles here at Marloe Watch Company is getting to talk to our customers. It doesn’t happen as often as we would like, because, as a very small team, things get pretty busy. Often our interactions are limited to seeing a name on an order, and marvelling at the parts of the world our watches are going to - sometimes we indulge in little flights of fancy as we pack the watches, imagining what a certain Mr So and So might be doing with his Haskell in Vietnam, or whether Mrs Whatshername is enjoying her Coniston in Finland. We always try to make the time for a friendly chat over the phone, or to engage on social media, but there’s never as much time as we would like. Sometimes, however, we have the pleasure of meeting our customers face to face, and it’s rare that our topic of conversation sticks purely to watches. It’s often then, as we go off on a tangent and get to know each other better, that we come to realise what a truly exceptional - and adventurous - bunch you are.

Before we launch into this, we’d like to caveat our use of the word ‘adventure’. None of us here at MWC are Bear Grylls types; while we enjoy being outdoors and exploring, we also enjoy the thrill of going through a car wash, of deciding to take the longer route round the local National Trust woodlands, of catching a train to go and visit someone on a whim, of a nice new pair of sturdy walking boots. It’s all relative, and it’s all good stuff.

Haskell Field

The Haskell Field Standard, our most recent addition to the Haskell collection, is a celebration of just that; the spirit of all adventures, be they big or small. Among our community we have death-defying divers, we have Olympians, we have global travellers, we have supermums and superdads, we have war heroes and artists, innovators and inventors, and all manner of incredibly interesting people. Everyone has their own stories to tell, their own adventures lived, and their own unique place in the world. That’s why, for the upcoming Adventure Issue of MWCQ, we want to hear from you; our wonderfully diverse community of adventurers.

We want to hear all about your biggest, smallest, proudest, scariest, funniest or most life-changing adventures; the everyday and the exceptional. We want to share and celebrate this spirit, to encourage others to reflect on and be proud of their lives well-lived; whether it’s recollecting a particularly amazing den that you built with the kids in the woods once, or an expedition to the ends of the earth.

To share, please email your stories to us - they don’t have to be beautifully written, and they can be as brief or as meaty as you like - with the subject line ‘The Spirit of Adventure’. A selection of your stories will be shared alongside some fairly well-known adventurers’ tales - in good company, right where they belong - and for stories that really grab our attention and make it into MWCQ there's a £50 gift card in it for you - your royalty so to speak! But be aware, we may be in touch for more info and photos of your great adventure!

Haskell Field

We can’t wait to learn more about you all and the adventures you go on. 

To the future, and whatever it may hold.

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  • Just received a Coniston BB shipped quickly in very secure packaging. Thank you for using shredded cardboard instead of pesky foam peanut packing. The watch and chosen band easily meet the description and pictures on this Web site. Exactly the hand-wound device I have been seeking. Profoundly elegant in design and obviously carefully detailed especially the outside ring of lume for simple evening viewing. Pleased is too simple of a term to describe this purchase choice as reasonable pricing merged with a very high quality product. Especially true finding the design is refreshing and a tempered departure from the vast majority of watches with traditional “cookie cutter” attributes. Well done!…

    CG - USA

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