8 Years Young

8 Years Young

On my walk into work this morning, across the golf course and up over the fields, through the trees at Burleigh Sands and past the derelict Old Orwell Church, the sun appeared from behind the snow clouds and there was a tangible feeling of renewal. The mornings are already lighter upon waking and the year, so far, hasn’t been quite as miserable as ‘they’ all said it would be. 


There was significance to my walk; today marks the anniversary of when Oliver and I first 'connected' over email - take a look at our previous journal entry Four Years Ago. We've been doing what we do for 8 years now, a period of time that feels like it's gone in a flash, whilst also lasting a lifetime. What a journey it's been too, when we really sit and think about what has transpired in that time. We forget how much has happened, not because it wasn’t significant or impactful, but because every day things are happening that are significant and impactful - there comes a point when it all morphs into one. Our 8th birthday is upon us suddenly, which warrants a moment to reminisce. 

Earlier this week I'd been finishing up the next Road to Morar episode, full of excitement about what’s to come, when Oliver mentioned our approaching milestone. 8 years! How much we have seen and done. It’s quite amazing to chart our trajectory since that first ping of the email in 2015, to now, where we wait impatiently for the arrival of our most exciting watch to date - the GMT - and look over our product pipeline for 2023/24; we’ve got some pretty special watches coming up.

Some of our days are spent resolving things we’d never have expected to happen, and each new day brings with it more unexpected matters that we must resolve. If it’s worth doing, they say, it’s worth doing well, and the issues soon pass. I think that’s the sentiment in the Marloe camp right now; we might ‘only’ be 8 years old, but the things we’ve been through, the situations we’ve dealt with and the resolve, tenacity and grit that we’ve demonstrated in the face of adversity… yeah, I think it’s fair to say we’re feeling pretty proud right now.

Does pride come before a fall? If 8 years of experience have taught us anything, it’s to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. One of the things I love about what we do, besides the watches of course, is the way that we work as a team to address and resolve each new problem that surfaces. It could drive you mad, and it’s fatiguing too, remaining constantly alert to what might come over the hill, but these are the realities of being the wee fish in a big pond. Truth be told, I’m not sure we’d want it any other way.


This will, once again, be a challenging year for us - we’ve got some great things in the pipeline, we’re on the verge of opening another office down south again, and Marloe Watch Company is going from strength to strength. We’ll keep our finger in the air and track any changes in the wind, so that we can reposition our sails and continue to navigate our way across this big tempestuous ocean of life. Luckily for us we have a fantastic community of folk constantly filling our sails with their support and goodwill, and we are so very grateful to you all. 

It’ll not be long before we hit the big 10. Imagine that: a decade. Now that will be something to celebrate, and all going well, we’ll celebrate it together in style! 

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  • Lads hi, your Unique Innovative designs, Perseverance, smart Marketing, attention to Detail and superb Customer Service is something you should take Great Pride in, well done!
    However there is a problem with Marloe Watch Company?… its deciding which one of these Unique Innovative Designed Watches to purchase NEXT!! All the best for the future. Martin Mullan.

    Martin Mullan
  • Fantastic Gordon! Well done to you both.
    Look forward to following what’s next for Marloe Watch Co.

    Gary Patterson
  • Well done the watches you provide are of the highest quality,I will certainly be buying another watch.

    Brendan Farrell
  • You have achieved so much in those 8 years, you are an inspiration to so many.

    Keep up the fantastic work you both do.

    Chris Bennett
  • Great achievement to keep the company going when so many others have sadly fallen to the wayside through the recent troubled waters. Just goes to show that quality and determination will win through all the time. Looking forward to what you have coming over the horizon.

    Stuart Grout

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