Road to Morar - Part 4

Road to Morar - Part 4

Welcome to Episode 4 in our Road to Morar series, where we take you through our design process for what will become the second edition Morar dive watch.

Episode 4 discusses the research process for the Morar Second Edition, including what we've found in our journey, the people we've spoken to and the thoughts that we've been left with.

Follow along as we discuss our process, what we do to research, develop and design a watch like this. Each episode will be either live-streamed with audience interaction, or a premiere of a pre-recorded film.

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Check it out now below, and have a watch of the first 3 episodes as well - we’re gathering a bit of pace now and the first three episodes form the “before” phase of our next dive watch.

Thanks to everyone who joins us live, and to those who watch on catch-up. Sign up to our YouTube channel to be notified when the next episode is scheduled, and if you can hit the like button on our videos we would be very grateful - it seems to go a great way to getting them out there amongst the noise.

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  • It is great to watch and hear about the approach Gordon is taking with the new Morar watch.

    As always, really interesting insight into the process and nice to be on the road together.

    Looking forward to part 5 already.

    Chris Bennett

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