Design Details - The Pacific

Design Details - The Pacific

We have designed the Pacific with a no-holds-barred mentality. What can we apply in all of our understanding right now, with the infinite possibility of bespoke design, using the very best of materials, finishes and textures to create a vision of a new age in human history?

The Pacific is inspired by the arrival of the jet engine and what it signified to the world - a totally new way of transport with a complete reassessment of what it meant to fly. The Comet, in its sleek, futuristic beauty, certainly inspires enough by itself, but its the story of human endeavour, as always, that really captured our minds and hearts. It wasn’t plain sailing at all, and the ability to fly at high-altitudes and supremely fast speeds brought about its own significant hurdles, but from that point in 1952 when the Comet 1 took to the skies, it was the start of what would become one of the most important aspects of modern life as we know and understand it.

So much has happened over the decades since the Comet flew over Hatfield Aerodrome that it’s impossible to cover it here, but for the Pacific range we have designed a watch for each major point in the jet age - from the beginnings with the Comet through the introduction of First Class, to the application of jet technology for ultra-high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, to arguably the most iconic of all aircraft ever designed.

We have designed the Pacific with a no-holds-barred mentality - what can we apply in all of our understanding right now, with the infinite possibility of bespoke design, using the very best of materials, finishes and textures to create a vision of a new age in human history. The design of the Pacific echos the airstream, smooth and sharp aesthetics of the jet age, with a bit of Marloe obsession thrown in for good measure.

Each Pacific watch features a case designed with airflow in mind - the top surface a single compound curve echoing the effortlessness of high-altitude jet flight - smooth, quiet, refined. The bottom surface is the counterpoise - the turbulence, the trial and error, peaks and troughs of developing such incredible technology with such huge risks involved. We’ve used a tri-finished case for the first time here, with polished, brushed and frosted surfaces to create one of the most engaging and light-dynamic cases we've ever made - every angle has something new to see and each new viewpoint embraces the unique case form. The top crystal, a box-section Sapphire, allows the dial to burst out from the frame of the case offering unparalleled clarity of vision. The case-back, scalloped at each corner to follow the contours of the turbulent bottom edge, lead into a bubble sapphire which magnifies the modified manual-winding Sellita movement within.


For the dials, the Pacific range starts with the Pacific 52 - this is our ode to the new world of jet flight - sleek, futuristic, modern from a 1952 perspective, this is beautifully refined and elegant design, slick brushed aluminium and steel surfaces, opulent rose gold flourishes and a simplicity of dial that exudes understated class. The multi-textured bubble profile dial features applied rose-gold numerals and a centre-seconds sweeping hairline hand.

The next chronological step is the Pacific 55, when the jetliners were now offering a new level of experience, one where the ultimate in luxury, opulence and perfection were available - First Class service on jet airliners was something many dreamed about, and some enjoyed. It was the very best in service, food, drink and comfort - a gold service, one might say. Well the 55 follows this with a beautiful gold palette - a hark back to the gold watches of previous generations, the dial features a two-tone bubble dial with polished gold applied markings that fall off the edge of the dial’s curvature - a magnificent visual treat. There’s smaller gold pips, black printed markings and a sunken sub dial with radial texture to give some incredible depth and dynamic light play. The bespoke tapering hands with two-textured finish completes this rather wonderfully theatrical watch.


Of course jet engine technology was developed for military use, and it was developed further for those same markets, peaking with the SR-71 Blackbird - the most cutting edge ultra-high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft of its time, it flew higher, faster and further than anything before or since - and its job - to take high-resolution photographs without being shot down - was achieved with perfect success. It’s the most iconic stealth plane in my eyes anyway which is why we’ve been inspired to create this ultra-stealthy iteration of the Pacific - the 66. A jet-black case finish that retains the tri-textures, it leads into a subtly textured bubble dial with bright white markings - reminiscent of the cockpit instruments found in the SR-71. For this model, everything that is white on the dial glows beautifully, brightly, at night. Looking at acute angles through that box-sapphire gives such incredible refractions with the Superluminova markings and, in a first for us, full blocks of luminous compound formed into numerals. It’s a sight to behold.

The final dial of our launch range is the Pacific 76, inspired by the most iconic of all jet powered aircraft, and the first passenger plane to travel at Mach 2 - Concorde is the inimitable delta-winged dart that captured the world's attention when it launched, allowing unprecedented luxury and speed to those lucky enough to travel on it. We’ve taken the British colourway and applied it to the 76, using the glossy white outer rim of the bubble dial, a bold navy blue and small subtle red detailing. This dial features Superluminova blocks and infilled hands to make low-light time telling easier. It’s an exercise in simplicity and refined elegance - polished hands and halo around the sub-dial add sparkle, whilst the myriad dial textures and radial sub-dial surface are important indicators of just how special these watches are.

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  • The Pacific 55 is my favorite!! I have already a Coniston Speed edition, and a Morar Emerald….it would be perfect in my collection. However, it’s out of my budget..the dial of this one reminds me the L.U.C XPS (, the Calatrava ( and the Michel Herbelin Inspiration 1947 (…Great Work !

  • Oliver and Gordon have created something truly timeless and rather special with the Pacific range; really such achingly elegant and beautifully designed timepieces.

  • Fantastic insight thank you for sharing, just as the jet-age elevated travel ,the pacific collection is a huge step up in Marloe watch design.. it’s truly breathtaking… the case design is stunning fluid and elegant… the dials sublime… my favourite is the beautiful 55 which is both classic and contemporary.. genius..
    marloe have once again raised the bar to the next level.
    This is a great video which once again shows your willingness to interact with your customers and offer explanations to design elements..
    thank you.

    Alan Lewis

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