Limited Edition Commemorative Map

Limited Edition Commemorative Map

A fortnight from today marks the 110th anniversary of the date that Captain Robert Falcon Scott, and his team, succumbed to the harsh conditions experienced during their attempt to capture the South Pole in 1912. His endeavour, and the spirit of adventure in the Terra Nova Expedition, captured our imaginations and resulted in the creation of the Haskell; our everyday, everywhere watch.

Scott’s team journeyed into the unknown, labouring step after step to try and reach their goal: to be the first in existence to stand at the very bottom of the Earth. The Terra Nova Expedition is, despite the herculean effort and treacherous conditions, much like our own endeavours in our daily lives - we are each taking it day by day, step by step and, much like Captain Scott, often find we’ve arrived in second place. That we sometimes don’t succeed in our main goal doesn’t, and shouldn’t ever, detract from the process and the journey to get there.

The magnificence of the journey shouldn’t be forgotten; they made the leap, they took the chance, and that is always more worthy than success. The lessons learned paved the way for future endeavours, and what is endeavour for if we don’t learn along the way?

To mark this anniversary and to celebrate the adventuring spirit of Scott and his team, we’ve created a Limited Edition run of commemorative posters - we have plotted the Terra Nova Pole team’s journey from Cape Evans all the way to the pole and back, upon the land that cost them their lives. It’s a fascinating map to look at, especially when combined with Scott’s diaries, which are readily available here to read. An endearing, captivating story of risk and reward!

Scott map

From today, everyone who purchases a Haskell watch will receive one of these special, Limited Edition maps in their order - to study, to use as a gateway into learning more about the Terra Nova expedition, or perhaps to frame and have on display. But whatever you do with it, we hope you take things step by step, day by day, and not worry too much if things don’t pan out like you’d expected. As someone once said - a person who has never failed, has never done anything.

Scott map

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  • If a purchase a Haskell watch will I receive a map markers

    Andre Affatato
  • Love those maps and hope some will be made available at a later date. The paper weights are cool too. The diaries of Scott are fabulous

    Kenny Brown
  • Wow that’s awesome.

    Alan Lewis

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