A Modern Day Adventure

A Modern Day Adventure

We designed our Haskell Collection with the ‘Modern Day Adventurer’ in mind and we’re always interested to hear how far and wide they travel. So when Dr George Busby contacted Marloe earlier this year with a clearly defined yet extraordinary brief, we knew we had the right tool for the job.

Having recently won the Land Rover Bursary run by the Royal Geographical Society for their Mobile Malaria Project, George and his team needed a watch that would survive extensive field work during a 6,300km drive across sub-Saharan Africa in a modified all new Land Rover Discovery, while its wearer trialled genetic sequencing as a means of working towards eliminating malaria. It had to be robust, accurate, unobtrusive, and above all, reliable – that’s why George and his team will be wearing Haskells.

Mobile Malaria Project

The Mobile Malaria Project team depart the UK later this evening. Travelling coast to coast with his team, George will use the modified Land Rover Discovery as a mobile lab – fondly nicknamed the ‘Labrover’ – to carry out DNA sequencing in order to provide essential data for malaria control, such as information on drug resistance in mosquito populations. The team hope to play a significant part in eliminating malaria, which kills over one million people per year; mostly children under five years of age. 90% of these cases occur in sub-Saharan Africa, where George and his team will be conducting their research.

Malaria map

This expedition is made possible by the 2018 RGS Land Rover Bursary, run by the Royal Geographical Society on behalf of Jaguar Land Rover. In return for the modified Land Rover Discovery and financial support, the Mobile Malaria Project team are tasked with inspiring and engaging others, both in the field and upon their return, while taking on a challenge which pushes them beyond their limits.

In the Mobile Malaria Project blog, George highlights the below quote as a source of ongoing inspiration.

All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.

T.E. Lawrence

Marloe Watch Company are incredibly proud to be supporting George and his team while they make their ambitious dream a reality. They are the embodiment of exploration and adventure, the very same qualities that inspired the Haskell. The final product of Marloe Watch Company’s own journey through design, fraught with obstacles and challenges, this watch is proof that with the right minds working together towards a shared vision, something magical can happen.

Stay tuned - we will be following and reporting back on the progress of the Mobile Malaria Project as George and his team make their way across Africa.

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  • Great job guys.. The Haskell is a truly excellent watch.. Pure quality.. It compliments this incredibly important and worthwhile project perfectly. Good luck to all involved.. And once again congratulations on this venture…

    Alan Lewis
  • What a really worthwhile project, anything that can reduce the 1 million deaths from Malaria gets my support. Best of luck George and team. You’ve definitely got the right watch with you.

    Steve Lane
  • Good luck and safe journey to Dr George Busby and his team on their amazing journey.

    Pauline Sentance
  • I wish Dr. George could extend his trip to include Uganda. It is but a short extra blip from Central Tanzania up to Mwanza and then around the Western shore of Lake Victoria to Uganda, following the trail of Speke. In Kampala they can meet my GP Dr. Dick Stockley who has over 40 years experience treating malaria in Uganda. I offer them free accommodation on a small island in Lake Victoria, for a short break, and then back South East, crossing at the source of the Nile to rejoin the planned route in Western Kenya.

    Harry Potts
  • Fantastically worthwhile project. Best of luck to George and the team (from a fellow Haskell wearer)!

    Matthew Smith

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