Four years ago... Part II

Four years ago... Part II

Since the start of 2016 we had been busy bringing our Haskell project to life – our first Swiss Made collection. For a while it was difficult to make the transition to a Swiss Made watch, with the increase in manufacturing costs presenting the biggest hurdle. It wasn’t until December 2016 that we were in a position to think more seriously about Swiss Made and thereafter April 2017 that things were finally in motion.

Throughout the process we were driven by the hope that when we finally did transition, it would be worth all the effort - and indeed it was. We were delighted to finally launch the range nearly 24-months after we’d first put pen to paper in October 2017.

The Haskell brief was to create a modern-day adventure watch; one that was robust, accurate and reliable. A watch that will be with you in all your life adventures.

The Haskell remains one of our most highly-coveted designs. A watch for the modern-day adventurer - built to withstand the rigours of travel and exploration while being elegant and unobtrusive enough for everyday wear.

And currently the Haskell is embarking on a very exciting journey, supporting some modern day adventurers on a landmark expedition - watch this space to follow along with their progress.

We like to do things a little differently here at MWC, so when Black Friday came around in late November we were determined to put a different spin on it. We came up with the idea to make a one of a kind Lomond Chronoscope Vulcan, and then... gave it away! Never made before, and never to be made again, this unique Lomond was inspired by the British Avro Vulcan jet and was very much a 1 of 1 Limited Edition. The winner, Paul Coffey, was delighted with his one-of-a-kind watch – so much so that we may run a similar promotion in the future – watch this space.

Lomond VulcanThe One-of-a-Kind Lomond Chronoscope Vulcan

2018 was very much the year of the Coniston. In January we launched a competition to name our next collection – the eventual winner, Alan Lewis, came up with the name Coniston which was inspired by the courage and determination of Sir Malcolm Campbell and his son, Donald, and their quest to set and repeatedly smash through new speed records on Coniston Water. 

Timeline Part II

As part of our Coniston Collection we wanted to draw back the curtain on the sometimes secretive watch world and show our customers how we design and make a watch. To do this we launched our Road to Coniston documentary series in March - a labour of love which showcased the watch-making process to the world through videography, photography, written word and personal accounts on how we use inspiration to shape the watch on your wrist.

To celebrate the Campbell family’s incredible human endeavour, surrounding the exhibition caseback are the words of Donald himself; ‘Courage is not being fearless’.

“I’m afraid every time I get into the Bluebird. Courage is not being fearless. Courage is overcoming and smashing through fear.”

Whilst we were signing-off the final Coniston prototypes, in August we launched ten special edition Cherwell watches to celebrate 3 years since its design inception. This had been very much a secret little project we’d been working on in the background to no one’s knowledge but our own. When we emailed our customers to announce their release they sold out within 7 minutes.

Special edition CherwellThe Special Edition Cherwell - 01 of 10

These celebratory Special Edition Cherwells featured an exclusive, highly decorative movement with blued screws and Côtes de Genève patterned plates, and came with a sequentially numbered certificate of authenticity.

The final production Coniston watches arrived at our office on 26th October and we were blown away with the final product – our expectations were very much exceeded. And as we write, back here in the present day, we are about to ship the very last of our First Edition Coniston Bluebird watches – never has a Marloe design been so well received, resonated with so many individuals, and sold so quickly!

Coniston BluebirdThe Coniston Bluebird

To celebrate the launch of the Coniston Collection we popped up to Coniston Water for Speed Week - an annual event where competitors and officials travel from all over the world to gather on waters once graced by eminent record-breakers such as Malcolm and his son Donald Campbell.

Upon arrival people were approaching us and asking us all sorts of questions - both about our watches and Gordon's camera! It was a fascinating experience listening to how much Coniston and Bluebird means to these people. And this goes back to the very essence of the project and Gordon's objective:

"I think the goal of any designer is to resonate with people."

Coniston Speed Week

So, we hear you ask, what does 2019 have in store for Marloe Watch Company? Well here at HQ we’re very excited with what’s coming up – we have new members joining the family, both human and watches, and we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you all to Stephanie who came on board in February. She’ll be helping to further the Marloe brand and you’ll no doubt hear from her soon here on our Journal.

In regards to watches we have a couple of new collections coming this year, not to mention some very Special Edition timepieces – more to be revealed shortly – so keep your eyes on the website. But here's a little teaser in the meantime...

Mystery WaterHave you figured it out yet?

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  • Nice to see you have taken some Scottish inspiration from Loch Morar for your next design.

    Aonghus Marshall
  • Loch Morar diver?

  • Very interesting little teaser. Being someone who has just started a career on boats I’m very interested. Never been to that Loch (won’t give it away) but it’s somewhere I have sailed close to. Keep up the great work. The story so far has been amazing

  • Coordinates seem to point to Loch Morar near the West Scotland coast. Since Lomond was a previous collection I’d guess Morar is an upcoming release.

    Brian C
  • Stalker?

    Donald Clyne

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