The Inside Story

The Inside Story

When Oliver asked out of the blue, ‘Fancy writing something for the journal?’, I was a tad apprehensive. There are exacting standards to uphold, not to mention big shoes to fill, but here goes...

I strongly believe it is never too late to learn something new. My career history comprises 20-odd years’ editorial experience in medical and educational publishing, followed by retraining and a second career in horticulture. The advertisement for a Fulfilment Assistant at Marloe Watch Company pinged into my inbox just as I had decided to call time on gardening over yet another Scottish winter. I was intrigued by the detailed stories behind each of the products and, coming from an aviation background (my father was a test pilot and my brother a flying instructor/helicopter pilot), the research into ground-breaking modes of transport struck a chord.

Here was a great opportunity, within a 15-minute commute, on the shores of beautiful Loch Leven. At interview, I was blown away by the stunning watches, company ethos and relaxed working environment. Long story short, I joined the team on a 3-month contract in October 2021 and planted my boots firmly under the workbench.

Marloe HQ

A typical day downstairs at Marloe HQ (the creative, brainy stuff happens upstairs) starts with processing the orders received since the previous afternoon, or over the weekend. There may be anomalies to address, e.g. strap/buckle choices or last-minute changes to an order. We pride ourselves on our customer service and if there is any doubt in our mind, we’ll contact the customer just to make sure everything is as it should be. The various components of each order – watch heads, straps, collectors’ cards, manuals - are then picked and assembled. Mundane as it may sound, boxing up orders is a hugely satisfying process. We know that our customers have put considerable thought into choosing the combination that is perfect for them or a lucky gift recipient, and realising this in the physical, tangible form that then whizzes across the country, or indeed the world, is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. We want your unboxing experience to have the wow factor!

Returns (gratifyingly few), Trade submissions and Repairs – and the admin associated with these – make up the remainder of my working day. Everything is logged, checked over and passed on to our workshop, as appropriate. Routine is key, and yet life is never dull at Marloe. Our work is often punctuated by the resident guinea fowl tap-tapping at the door, the cries of geese on their way to or from the nearby RSPB nature reserve or the sight of hares hot footing it across the fields. These simple pleasures, along with the stunning countryside around us, never fail to lift the spirits, even on a dreich Perthshire day.


I joined the Marloe family as the world was emerging warily from the worst of the pandemic, though from a business perspective, the ripple effect continues to this day. We are some of the lucky ones. The company has gone from strength to strength and the indomitable driving forces at the helm have remained fully grounded throughout – celebrating successes and taking setbacks in their stride. Gordon (the Peacekeeper) and Oliver (the Whirling Dervish) jointly are a powerhouse in terms of focus, passion and sheer hard graft. Yet they too are human and there are frequent moments of levity. The sight of Gordon leaping about in an overflowing recycling bin as it self-propelled towards the car park springs to mind. Oliver, meanwhile, redefines kinetic energy as he hurtles around at breakneck speed, rearranging the office at regular intervals, to keep me on my toes. The banter is highly entertaining and features some choice turns of phrase, but their teamwork is unparalleled.

Then there's the palpable excitement of a watch launch, with all hands on deck to fulfil the deluge of orders. And the buzz from seeing a mountain of orders awaiting collection by DHL is surpassed only by the relief when the boxes are safely on their way – cue a glass of vino or a dram of something stronger in recognition of a job well done. In short, behind the scenes at Marloe is not a bad place to be!

Inside Story

May I finish with a vote of thanks to you, our valued customers – keep those orders rolling in – and, of course, to Oliver and Gordon, for being simply the best (no bribe required). I can say categorically that my sojourn with MWC to date has been Beyond Expectation and most definitely Time Well Spent.

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  • What a lovely article and a great perspective on your Marloe experience so far. You are spot on with your observation about the customer having put considerable thought into what is right for them, and what they want to spend their money on. Almost irrespective of the quality of the product, the unboxing experience and associated customer service and support is what brings customers back for more and indeed (in my case) initially attracts them – based on the absence of negative reviews from others. However, riding in an overflowing recycling bin….

  • Nicola hi, well done for attempting to write a article about insight, the Company and a little bit about yourself, it is always difficult to get the balance correct however, you pulled it off braw! (a we bit o Burns or is it the Broons?) Gardening and Watches?sounds to me like the perfect career! Owner of four Marloe watches, keep up the good work. Martin.

    Martin Mullan
  • Thanks for that Nicola.

    The unboxing experience for me was second to none….and I got to do it twice!

    John’s Watch Joint

    John Shaw
  • Great insight, it just adds to the “family” experience that a lot of us have being Marlow watch owners!

    Michael Pillay
  • Thanks Nicola
    It’s good to see the passion for brilliantly designed watches and excellent service is catching and will continue hopefully for many years.


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